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DNA Confirms Kennewick Man’s Genetic Ties To Native Americans

Health News : NPR

New genetic evidence suggests that Kennewick Man, an 8,500-year-old skeleton found in Washington state, is related to members of a nearby Native American tribe.

The DNA may help resolve a long-running scientific mystery, while at the same time reigniting a debate over who should have custody of the remains.

Kennewick Man was discovered accidentally in the mud flat along the Columbia River in 1996. He's caused a ruckus ever since.

Physical anthropologists said his facial features and cranium didn't look Native American. Researchers suspected he might have come from Asia or Polynesia.

But Native American groups insisted he was their ancestor and deserved a proper burial. The federal government agreed and locked up the skeleton. Scientists then sued to "release" it. And they won. Kennewick Man has been studied since then, and his remains are kept in a museum in Washington.

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Maina – Drama . Adventure full movie

Maina – Drama . Adventure full movie

Maïna is the daughter of the Innu leader Mishtenapuu, who attends a bloody confrontation between his clan and the clan of "Men of the Land of Ice." Following this confrontation, Maïna chooses a mission that will change her life. To fulfill the promise that she has made to her friend Matsii on her deathbed, she embarked on the trail of their enemies to deliver Nipki, a 11 year old boy that the Inuit have captured. But she was also taken as prisoner by Natak, the leader of the Inuit group, and forcibly taken to the Land of Ice. Actors:Graham Greene , Tantoo Cardinal , Reneltta Arluk
Directors:Michel Poulette