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Glen Ford Tributes

Editor (2021-07-31). Glen Ford, veteran journalist and founder of Black Agenda Report, dies at 71. Glen Ford spent more than four decades delivering the news from a Black perspective on a national scale.

Staff (2021-07-31). Glen Ford's Journalism Fought for Black Liberation and Against Imperialism. I had the honor of working with the late Glen Ford for nearly 20 years. His passing has created a huge void not just for

_____ (2021-07-30). Glen Ford, Veteran Journalist And Founder Of Black Agenda Report, Dies. Glen Ford, a veteran broadcast, print and digital journalist who hosted the first nationally syndicated Black news interview program on TV before going on to found the Black Agenda Report website, has died, according to reports. He was 71 years old. | Ford's cause of death was not immediately reported. Several sources announced his death late Wednesday morning, including Margaret Kimberley, an editor and columnist at Black Agenda Report, the weekly news magazine that offers commentary and analysis from a Black perspective which Ford launched and served as its executive editor. Condolences began pouring in on soci…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2021-07-29). Glen Ford: From Elder to Ancestor. Ready for Revolution "I'm telling you these stories because that is what elders do, we remember things" Glen Ford It is not uncommon to hear that many Africans were introduced to Glen Ford the moment they became 'activated' to move away from the democratic party. That introduction often came by way of The Black Agenda Report where Ford…

Raymond Nat Turner (2021-07-29). Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report Dies. In the fall of 2006, Glen Ford, Bruce Dixon, Margaret Kimberley and Leutisha Stills of CBC Monitor left Black Commentator, which Ford had co-founded and edited since 2002, and launched Black Agenda Report. Historic "firsts," "mosts," and "onlys" are the hallmarks of Glen Ford's long career. The son of famed disc jockey Rudy "The Deuce" …

Betita Martinez: Embracing Complexity and Contradiction

Margo Okazawa-Rey, Professor Emerita at San Francisco State University provides this heartwarming homage to the late Betita Martinez, who passed away recently at the age of 95.

Editor (2021-07-21). #BetitaTaughtUs: Chicanisma and El Movimiento. With deep sadness and respect, Organizing Upgrade is sharing a few more tributes to movement elder Betita Martinez, who died June 29. In her 95 years she lived many lifetimes, and brought her commitment, wit and political clarity to several of the most significant social movements of our day.